About Us

Fraser Costen Owner / Producer

Fraser Costen is an award winning filmmaker/photographer hailing from Great Britain with Canadian citizenship. His creative journey began at 14 when he joined his high schools photography program. Having a natural eye for beauty, composition and photo editing, he quickly rose through the ranks to become the most respected photographer in the entire school. Winning back to back Grade 12 photography awards in Grade 10 and 11 respectively.

In Grade 12, Fraser took and interest in pursuing filmmaking as a career, transitioning to the creation of well many received short-film, and documentary pieces.

He began his study of filmmaking and video production at SAIT in late 2020, where he quickly became a leading figure in all major productions. He would direct the most individual projects of any year 1 student at a staggering 7 completed shorts.  He would also facilitate the creation and creative direction of an unofficial year 1 student film festival that was showcased to hundreds of viewers online.

In his second year, Fraser found himself at the helm of 3 final term projects. An advertisement piece, an action/adventure short film and the soon to be award winning documentary short "Life's a Drag".

After graduating with honours in early 2022, he would go on to found 2001 Pictures. A place for Fraser to continue his journey of creation both in filmmaking and photography.

His first official project SKIN DEEP is currently in production.