"Why Do Humans Get Tattooed?"

That's the question we look to answer with this documentary feature film. The first from the brand new film production company 2001 Pictures.


 Is a feature-length documentary that aims to explore the relationship between Beauty, Pain, and Tattooing. We will talk to Artists, Clients, and Experts to answer the question "Why Do Humans Get Tattooed?" and visualize the stories, emotions, and meanings behind our Interviewee's most personal pieces. This film is in direct collaboration with HEMLOCK STUDIOS, an all-female owned/operated Tattoo studio in Calgary, Alberta. Their amazing team will help us educate all on how Tattooing can help people grow into truer versions of themselves, and ways in which the industry needs to improve to accommodate a more diverse and modern clientele.

Produced By Fraser Costen Directed By Fraser Costen and Jenova Calixto

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