Our Work

Skin Deep (In Production)

Produced & Directed By Fraser Costen

Currently in production, with a set completion date of December 31st, 2024

SKIN DEEP is a documentary feature film that asks the question "Why do humans get tattooed?". 

Featuring the collaboration of 2001 Pictures and Hemlock Tattoo Studio, the film aims to explore and dispel common myths, and falsehoods surrounding tattooing. While also learning why it draws so many people into it's painfully beautiful world.

Through the use of cinematic storytelling techniques, and thought provoking interviews. The film will lead audiences through this often taboo subject, and leave them with a better understanding of the tattoo industry, culture, and stories behind three incredible subjects ink.

You may want to close your eyes if you don't like needles!

Life's A Drag (Award Winning)

Produced By Fraser Costen / Directed By Rhiannon Evans

Winner "Fil Fraser Best Student Production" The 48th Annual Rosies Film and Television Awards

Life's A Drag is a documentary short film with the singular goal of exploring and celebrating the world of Drag Performance. Featuring the incredible personal stories of Delilah Rose-gold and Ether Rich, the film dives head first into this once underground and unrecognized form of self expression.

Through innovative storytelling, and gorgeous cinematography it's not only a technically proficient film for a "student effort". But also succeeds in sharing an emotionally poignant message and story about, acceptance, community and queerness.

The Kidnap Diaries (Short)

Written & Directed By Fraser Costen

Praised by Instructors as one of the most original and well made short films of any year 1 student in the fvp program.  

Stanley White is a down on his luck college student with a problem. He has to write a story for an upcoming class assignment but has no real life experience. In a brilliantly stupid turn of fate, he decides to kidnap a local student and write about the experience. Enlisting the help of his friend Ruben, the two begin plotting their life altering scheme... What could possibly go wrong?

Year One (Documentary Short)

Written, Directed & Produced By Fraser Costen

Created last minute, when the original documentary subject became unavailable.

Year One documents and preserves the lived experiences of 4 SAIT FVP students. Through their time starting the program, to overcoming the hurdles put up by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. It's a showcase of each students positivity, hardships and goals for the future. Shot entirely in B&W 4:3 aspect ratio, it's designed to create a timeless quality that removes the audiences perception of time period, and better connect with the stories of those interviewed.